We aim to equip our pupils at Hotwells with the skills and knowledge to be technologically prepared citizens for the next stage of their education and beyond. 

We want our children to embrace the creative side of computing as one of our overarching aims as a school and encourage them to show originality in their computing sessions. We want them to challenge themselves and feel confident to use new skills, techniques and have fun with technology.

We want them to use computing not only to enhance their learning but to also  use it as a way of staying in touch with and embracing the ever changing modern world in which they will grow up in. This promotes our aim to help our children to become ‘global citizens.’ 

Computing is valued throughout the school and we welcome the children’s use of computing to show their individuality and learning successes.  We also welcome visiting parents and outside individuals with expertise in the area of STEM/Computing in order to provide our children with new opportunities. This encourages community links to Computing professionals/companies in the local area. Computing is taught using the Kapow scheme of work which allows us to cover a breadth of areas and give our pupils all of the necessary skills. 

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