At Hotwells Primary, we foster a love and understanding of music through listening, appraising, performing and composing. Music making encourages children’s personal expression and emotional development on both an individual and group level. It promotes appreciation of the richness and diversity of genres and cultures. Music celebrates our differences and unites us, connects us with our world, each other and ourselves. It triggers the release of feel-good chemicals into our bodies, helps with concentration and affects how we feel: Music is good for us!

We follow the Bristol Music Curriculum.  This is written around our city’s themes of Air and Water, ensuring that our Music curriculum is relevant and exciting. It builds a meaningful progression of skills from Reception to Year 6.

In addition to this, our pupils experience different genres; the music our children listen to is as diverse as our staff tastes! Our children become confident singers through weekly singing assemblies, singing a rich variety of songs in unison, parts and rounds. On an individual, group, class and school level, performance is a key element of Music at Hotwells Primary. Our Music curriculum ensures our children grow as self-assured performers and interpretive audience members. Children will be empowered to compose and improvise within a structured environment.

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