Our Team

We are seeking outstanding individuals who can actively contribute to ensuring our school remains a centre of excellence and who share the vision and values of our Multi-Academy Trust.  If you would be interested in working at our school, please do send us your CV and we will get in touch if we have any vacancies. 

Senior Leadership Team


Mrs. Kee Jones profile picture

Mrs. Kee Jones

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Pupil Premium

Mr. Matt Edwards profile picture

Mr. Matt Edwards

Assistant Headteacher
Teaching and Learning, Curriculum, Deputy DSL, Assessment

Mrs. Sarah Healey profile picture

Mrs. Sarah Healey

SEND Lead and Year 2 Teacher
Deputy DSL

Mrs. Sally Morris profile picture

Mrs. Sally Morris

School Business Manager

Class Teachers

Miss. Lynsey Hooper profile picture

Miss. Lynsey Hooper

Early Years Teacher

Miss. Letty Caddy profile picture

Miss. Letty Caddy

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs. Sarah Healey profile picture

Mrs. Sarah Healey

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs. Jade Hasbrouck profile picture

Mrs. Jade Hasbrouck

Year 2 Teacher

Ms. Ruth Attride profile picture

Ms. Ruth Attride

Year 3 Teacher

Mr. Aidan McFarlane profile picture

Mr. Aidan McFarlane

Year 4 Teacher

Miss. Ellie Weaver profile picture

Miss. Ellie Weaver

Year 5 Teacher

Mr. Daniel Monk profile picture

Mr. Daniel Monk

Year 6 Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs. Amanda Patel profile picture

Mrs. Amanda Patel

Nursery Keyworker and EYFS Support Staff

Mrs. Kenneh Samateh profile picture

Mrs. Kenneh Samateh

EYFS Support Staff and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. Nicky Tuckfield profile picture

Mrs. Nicky Tuckfield

Key Stage 1 Support Staff

Mrs. Naomi Grafton profile picture

Mrs. Naomi Grafton

EYFS/Key Stage 1 Support Staff and PPA Cover

Miss. Melanie Kyriacou profile picture

Miss. Melanie Kyriacou

SEND Support in Key Stage 2

Mrs. Rebecca Hutchins-Davies profile picture

Mrs. Rebecca Hutchins-Davies

SEND Support in Key Stage 2

Mrs. Kirsten Barnes profile picture

Mrs. Kirsten Barnes

ELSA Lead and PPA Cover

Mr. Josh Pollard profile picture

Mr. Josh Pollard

Lunchtime Sports Coach and Wraparound Care Manager

Ms. India MacFarlane profile picture

Ms. India MacFarlane

Lunchtime Support and Wraparound Care Manager

Office Staff

Mrs. Martine Peace profile picture

Mrs. Martine Peace

Office Administrator

Miss. Helen Stuart profile picture

Miss. Helen Stuart

Finance Administrator

Kitchen Team

Ms. Annette Morgan profile picture

Ms. Annette Morgan

School Cook

Ms. Sharon Mogg profile picture

Ms. Sharon Mogg

School Cook

Ms. Lisa Moss profile picture

Ms. Lisa Moss

School Cook