At Hotwells, our vision statement and values - We are Ambitious; We are Creative; We are Local and Global Citizens - underpins everything we do and, as such, has been a key factor in considering and creating the Hotwells’ behaviour curriculum. 

We pride ourselves on our inclusive approach and ethos which aims to create a warm, welcoming and caring environment where relationships are based on respect, honesty and kindness.  We respect and actively celebrate the wide range of religion, race and culture in our school: we celebrate being both Local and Global Citizens. 

We have high expectations of behaviour from children as we know that when all children feel happy and safe, they are most able to learn. 

Teaching the Behaviour Curriculum

Our school Behaviour Curriculum has been carefully designed to support and encourage children to be the best versions of themselves. As such, we aim to make it easy for our pupils to behave by teaching explicitly and modelling the behaviours we expect.

We know that in order for a behaviour curriculum to be effective, it needs to be shared and understood by all members of our school community, both adults and pupils alike.   This shared understanding of expectations between pupils and staff, and a consistent positive approach by adults who are relentlessly bothered about establishing excellent behaviour, is key.

It is expected that all adults in the school community will model the kinds of behaviour we wish our children to develop and demonstrate, both in our dealings with children and with each other. We are the key role models for our children who observe and follow our every example. 

The behaviour curriculum is also regularly revisited with pupils and will continue to be reinforced throughout the year. As well as staff demonstrating these behaviours, we will also ensure pupils have time to practise these (particularly in the first few days of a new term). It is expected that all pupils will know this content and what is expected of them. 


While this curriculum is for all pupils it will be applied differently in different year groups depending on pupils’ ages and may be applied differently depending on individual pupils’ SEND needs.  We understand the importance of applying sensitivity at all times when teaching the curriculum.