Our Vision and Goals

Nestled in a historic corner of Bristol, Hotwells is a vibrant and creative, community-focused primary school with its own Nursery. We are small in size but bursting at the seams with creativity, warmth and a curiosity to learn! We pride ourselves on our ambitious curriculum, our strengths in the Arts and our wonderful local and global community of children and families.

Our school's overarching aims of "We are Ambitious; We are Creative; We are Local Citizens; We are Global Citizens" sums up everything we aspire to be. We promote high achievement and a love of learning so that each child can flourish in this ethos of support, challenge and encouragement to succeed. Our aim is that all children at Hotwells will enjoy the richness of their learning and that their primary school experience will be a happy and memorable one.

As well as achieving academically, our children learn to express and develop their creativity and to develop as spiritual and social beings. In this way, children learn to be responsible citizens who can contribute positively to the world in which they live as well as having the skills they need to access the opportunities the world has to offer them.

We focus on our school values in assemblies each week as well as building them into our classroom culture and embedding them in the ethos of our school. We also learn about and explore the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for all faiths and beliefs.

As part of the Cathedral Schools Trust, Hotwells Primary School belongs to a family of nine state funded primary and secondary schools. We are close neighbours with Cathedral Primary School and Bristol Cathedral Choir School and less than five miles from each of the schools in the Trust. Being part of a MAT gives the twin benefits of collaboration and challenge - shared best practice as well as focused school improvement - enabling us to concentrate on delivering an excellent education offer to all. For more information about Cathedral Schools Trust click here: http://www.cathedralschoolstrust.org

Our School Improvement Plan for 2023 - 2024:

Like all schools we have a School Development Plan in which we identify important areas of our work. We are currently focusing on the following areas:

  • Developing Leadership, including providing CPD for our staff to become Curriculum Leaders in their own areas.  
  • Further development of our EYFS provision with the introduction of a new EYFS curriculum.
  • Further Curriculum development, building on and consolidating the work we have done on our curriculum over the past two years.