At Hotwells, we follow the Jigsaw PSHE Curriculum. We teach all children the same area of development throughout the school each term and PSHE is taught each week in an allotted session as well as covered through circle times and assemblies to tackle issues that arise through the year. 

We aim to prepare our pupils for new opportunities, experiences and responsibilities. We do this by teaching emotional literacy, resilience, how to take care of themselves and others both mentally and
physically and equipping them with the skills to survive and thrive in not only their close community but in the wider world. Through our teaching, they will not only develop their understanding but also their application of our school values throughout their lives as well as the key themes focused upon through our PSHE curriculum. Our pupils will be given the chance to articulate their views, to enable a keen awareness of their local and global community and promote their passion about issues that affect them. 

We want our children to recognise the important role they play within our school community as well as the wider world. They will learn to respect their environment, respect others and respect themselves. They will feel well prepared to deal with critical opportunities, challenges and responsibilities that they will face growing up in such rapidly changing and challenging times.

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