At Hotwells, the language we learn in Key Stage 2 is French and this is taught following the Kapow Primary scheme of work. Children learn French from Year 3 to Year 6.

The scheme, which we started using in Autumn 2021, has been designed as a spiral curriculum so that pupils revisit key vocabulary and grammar concepts again and again; each time vocabulary or grammar learning is revisited, it is covered with greater depth; prior knowledge is revisited so pupils can build on previous foundations, rather than starting again.  We know this is how children learn best, enabling them to learn more and remember more. 

Alongside this, we celebrate all the languages that our pupils bring to Hotwells.  We include dual-language books in all classrooms and in the school library.  We actively invite dual-language parents into our Early Years classrooms to read and sing with our children in their home languages.

Click here to view our Curriculum Statement for Languages.

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